Noticeable floor slope

There is no answer to this question that is universally accepted. The Post-Tensioning Institute has published a peer-reviewed paper in which it is stated that a diagnosis of excessive expansive soil movement cannot be made unless the slab surface is out of level substantially in excess of published American Concrete Institute ACI standardized construction levelness tolerances for Slab-on-ground foundation construction.

The ACI publishes several different construction tolerances but recommends the use of what are called F-numbers. The F-number system allows the elevation of two points 10 feet apart to be different by as much as 1. Thus, a noticeable floor slope may or may not indicate excessive foundation movement. You should also understand that the as-constructed slope and the slope due to foundation movement may not add together; the foundation may distort in a way that makes the slab surface more level than it was constructed.

Some engineers prefer to judge the levelness of the foundation due to distortion by looking not at the levelness of the slab surface, but at the levelness of first floor countertops and sills since these elements are normally constructed to much tighter levelness tolerances than slab-on-ground foundation surface tolerances.

If the countertops and sills are reasonably level within normal construction tolerances, then it is reasonable that any floor out-of-levelness is probably due to original construction.

How far out-of-level is acceptable?Kevin McDermott is a professional newspaper journalist and landlord. He was born in Chicago and graduated Eastern Illinois University with a degree in journalism. He currently covers regional politics for a Midwestern newspaper. McDermott writes about home improvement for various websites. When you're tiling a floor with a drain in it whether it's a shower floor, utility room or other setting you should first lay out the tile grid as if there isn't a drain there.

That way, you can establish where the tiles are supposed to go in relation to the grid before you cut them around drain. If there's a noticeable slope to the floor leading into the drain, make sure to use smaller floor tile four inches across or lessso you can more easily follow those contours.

Set a piece of transparent paper over the drain. Mark around the shape of the drain with your pencil, expanding the perimeter by a quarter inch.

Cut out the shape from the paper with your scissors. Lay the paper circle on the piece of cardboard. Trace around it. Cut it out with the scissors. Save the circle. Use your chalk snap line to divide the room into four squares, with two lines intersecting at the center of the floor. Note: If the drain is at the center of the floor, re-adjust your lines so the intersection sits off one side of the drain, with at least a full tile's worth of space between the intersection and the edge of the drain.

Apply thinset mortar over a few square feet of the floor, starting at the intersection of the lines. Press tiles into place along the lines, putting tile spacers between them.

Lay all the full tiles that will fit, leaving clear a perimeter of floor around the drain. Set the last tiles over the drain without mortar, positioning them as if the drain wasn't there. Set the cardboard template on the tiles, lining it up with the drain underneath. Mark around the template onto the surface of each tile, using your pencil. Cut the tiles along the pencil marks, using your wet saw.

noticeable floor slope

Spread mortar on the back of the cut tiles and set them in place by the drain, leaving a quarter inch between the cut tiles and the drain perimeter. Let the mortar set. Spread grout over the whole floor with your grout trowel, forcing it into all the spaces, including the quarter-inch space between the cut edges of the tiles and the drain.

Use a damp sponge to wipe up the excess grout. Pin Share Tweet Share Email. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Let the tiles set overnight. Remove the spacers. Step 6.

Design tips to hide crooked walls and sloped floors

Cut the and install the partial tiles near the walls, using your wet saw. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.Remember Me? Education Advanced Search. Results 1 to 14 of Thread: Second floor uneven. WRPTex Guest. Second floor uneven I'm looking at a home for which the second floor has some areas that are noticeably uneven. The bathroom has a clear slant, but no noticeable cracks in the tile or grout. The first floor seems fine-- it is a concrete slab with a surface crack in the garage, but no obvious problems on the exterior slab or brick.

How typical is this and might it be part of a larger structural problem? No slope to floor drain, 2nd story. Re: Second floor uneven Without seeing it, it is hard and unfair to you to make such an assumption. You should hire a Home Inspector to inspect the structure and condition of the home so you can decide to go further with the home or not.

How to Tile a Shower Floor

Re: Second floor uneven. Originally Posted by Rick Hurst. Without seeing it, it is hard and unfair to you to make such an assumption. James Duffin Guest. Re: Second floor uneven How old is the house?

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Jim Hime Guest. Re: Second floor uneven You did not mention what the slope was. I say that because most people will not complain but you have taken the initiative to post on this forum so that means you feel strongly about the floor.

When I come across unlevel sub-floors I first put a level on it to see which way and how much the slope is. The slope usually goes towards a wall. You can also have slope if a combination of engineered joists are used with what you would call real lumber joists as they are of different dimensions.Of the three reasons for sloping out-of-level floors in a house, one of them was may have been built-in when the house was constructed and the other two have occurred over the years.

This eliminates puddling water, which quickly develops wood-rot underneath. In an effort to create more indoor living space the porches in old houses often get enclosed into rooms, but the floor slope toward the new exterior wall remains.

Because sleeping porches were popular around Gainesville and most of North Florida in the era before air conditioning, and some were the shape of a small bedroom, it may not be immediately recognizable that a room was once a porch.

This can happen in several ways: the ground under the supporting piers can settle, or heave upward in areas of clay soil, or the piers themselves can deteriorate and begin to collapse and tilt over, or the supporting floor beams or joists sag due to rot or termite damage.

A look in the crawl space under the affected area will usually clear up the mystery. The third reason also relates to a structural problem: undersized floor framing lumber. When the floor joists are too small for the weight of furniture, appliances, and the people walking across them, they sag. And the sagging typically progresses and becomes more noticeable over the years, especially if termites have weakened the floor joists even further over time.

We recommend that you leave the crawling around under a house to someone like us who does it for a living, and wears protective equipment for the job. As part of our home inspection, we note any sloping floors and attempt to determine the cause of the problem. Structural repairs may be necessary.

To learn more about how to determine if a floor is out-of-level, go to our our blog How can I tell if my floors are sloping? Which walls can I take out? McGarry and Madsen's home inspection blog for buyers of. About Us. Electrical Receptacle Outlets. Three Reasons For Sloping Floors Of the three reasons for sloping out-of-level floors in a house, one of them was may have been built-in when the house was constructed and the other two have occurred over the years.

And the second reason is a structural problem.

noticeable floor slope

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Hurricane Resistance. Electrical Panels.Allow for the thickness of the tile around the drain when floating your shower pan. Use a tile ring to avoid cutting or nipping your tile into a circle around your drain.

Install your wall tile first so that any unevenness in your shower pan will not be as noticeable. The shower is where you key up for the day, refresh after a workout or relax after a long day of work. Renovating your shower with a tile floor is an important step in customizing your bathroom.

Putting down tiles will improve the appearance of your bathroom and increase the overall value of your house. Refurbishing a shower floor can be tricky.

The floor must be waterproofed, sloped for drainage and comfortable to stand on. This article will show you how to do it all. This article assumes that the reader has some proficiency in the skills necessary to complete the tasks described. Some folding will be required into the corners.

How To Install Shower Pre Slope - Step By Step - D.I.Y - The Easy Way

Allow the pan liner to overlap the shower curb. The backer board should overlap the pan liner. Here it is best to use premixed deck mud if it is available at your local home improvement store or tile shop.

If not, you can make your own mix with 4 parts sand to 1 part portland cement. Add only enough water to the dry mix to make a "dry pack". When you grab a handful of the mix and squeeze, it should stay together in a ball without feeling wet or mushy.

This task will require graduated straight edges, usually manufactured of aluminum and available at tile stores or home improvement stores. These are basically screeds of various lengths. If you don't have the budget to purchase graduated straight edges, you can make your own by cutting down a 1x3 board to the various lengths you'll need.

Remember here to allow for the thickness of your tile at the drain.Some floors even doing this at only years old. To some extent, this is normal. The slope only starts to get noticeable when the floor drops an inch or more over 10 feet across.

But what does this issue mean? Is a sloping floor just a cosmetic flaw or a cause for concern? Unfortunately, a sloping floor can indicate a foundation settlement problem. Work with a licensed, accredited company to get the foundation repair results you want.

How is your floor sloping? Sometimes the problem is due to a sinking foundation, and other times, it can be due to other structural issues. Bay Area Underpinning can promise permanent and effective foundation repair solutions. We stand out in our industry as the quality choice. Call us today for a free estimate! Sloping Floors.

Professional Foundation Solutions Work with a licensed, accredited company to get the foundation repair results you want.

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Catch Foundation Settlement Early How is your floor sloping? Localized Slopes — Is the problem area confined to one small area? This might be a construction error. We Fix Foundation Settlement.We were hoping to be able to put laminate flooring going through the dining room and front room basically one large room with folding doors in the middle however there is a slight slope coming down from the kitchen into the dining room - again no door, its quite open plan!

Would it be possible or should we just consider carpet as the only option. I can provide a photo if necessary, just trying to get some ideas before spending money on someone coming out to the property. A Building Services Ltd. Rebel Carpenter.

Hi, It can as long as the floor is flat as possible, otherwise it tends to be springy.

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Depending on what underlay you use, some can flatten out gradual slopes quite nicely. If it's a noticeable slope as in you can see it, the floor would probably have to have levelled with latex first. Alternatively have Karndean vinyl flooring,similar price, harder wearing,waterproof no bouncy patches and you don't need a scotia fitted. Hi, I am hoping that you can help me, I had a laminate floor fitted on 3rd MayI live in a bungalow and wanted laminate Hi, could any joiners please offer me some advice.

I currently have a laminate flooring fitted over a wooden subfloor with only I have bought a house from and there are Marley tiles glued with Bitumen on the ground floor. Previous owners had carpet in Any advice would be gratefully received!

We haven't got a professional in as we have no idea what the issue is so don't know what Ask a tradesman. Like 3. Like 2. Related Questions Laminate floor nightmare Hi, I am hoping that you can help me, I had a laminate floor fitted on 3rd MayI live in a bungalow and wanted laminate Could our downstairs floor movement be caused by our upstairs shower wall?

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noticeable floor slope