Bad motor oil brands

Their sample test results showed what was inside the bottles didn't match the labeled viscosity or its resistance to flow. The lower a fluid's viscosity the more easily it flows.

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Think water vs. Water has low viscosity. Molasses doesn't. You don't want molasses pouring through your engine, nor do you want water pumping through your pistons. Extremely low viscosity oil would have the effect of water going through your engine. According to Thomas F. The PQIA summary of the two motor oils is disturbing to read.

It also claims to help your engine start better in cold weather because of its low viscosity. Yet, PQIA found " this product clearly is not a 5W, and does not meet any recognized specifications for a motor oil.

The news gets even more distressing the further you read on when you discover that this oil, instead of helping your engine, actually includes high levels of silicon, an abrasive material that can wreak havoc on an engine.

In other words, this oil does the exact opposite of what it claims to do and enhances wear on your engine. Its label claims it is an SAE 10W "high mileage" motor that "helps keep the engine clean, provides wear protection, helps prevent engine leaks, and fights rust and corrosion".

Well, as you may have guessed by now, it's not an SAE 10W oil. But here's the real kicker.

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Just like the Liberty Gold Plus, does not meet any recognized specifications for a motor oil it. The viscosity for this oil is more than 75 percent below where it should be for a 10W and lacks critical additives required by original equipment manufacturers to protect automobiles currently on the road.

PQIA, which likes to announce that it names the names of products and where they were bought, points out that consumers might have a false sense of confidence when buying these products because they were for sale at a Shell station. After all, Shell is a major oil corporation, the thinking goes, so the oil products sold at its stores must be good to purchase. Well, that's not entirely true. Davis, according to her statement to PQIA, has made a commitment to cleaning up the non-petroleum products sold at Shell stations but isn't oil a petroleum product?

Want to know the best way to avoid putting the worst oils in your engine? Don't skimp on the purchase price and go with synthetic oils from major brands like Mobil1.

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Purchase oil from auto parts stores and not convenience stores. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Don't save a buck and risk hundreds of dollars in repair work for your engine. Keith Griffin has been writing continuously about new cars since He used to be the guide to used cars at former About. Currently, Keith is the managing editor for American Business Media.

Follow Keith at indepthauto on Twitter. Skip to main content.I just bought a Toyota Solara from CarMax. Please explain… You can switch from conventional motor oil to Mobil 1 synthetic and back again, if you wantwithout following any special procedures.

The only exception to this is with a higher-mileage engine that has never used synthetic motor oil, or with an engine that has used conventional motor oil and been poorly maintained. In these cases, you should still follow the same basic oil-change procedures drain the old oil, remove the old oil filter, put in new Mobil 1 and put on a new oil filterbut you should follow a regimen of one or two shortened oil-change intervals.

The reasoning behind this staggered interval is that a high-mileage engine, or one that has seen infrequent oil changes, will likely have a considerable build-up of sludge and deposits.

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I have owed since it was new 8 miles. I have used different oils and brands.

I never used a synthetic. I however religiously changed my oil between 3,—6, miles of use. The lastmiles of life I have been using 1 quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer due to the high mileage. The engine 4. Still drive it everyday.

bad motor oil brands

What marinelife said is pretty much correct. There is no real harm on your engine in switching between synthetics and the regular, in fact in most cases synthetics are a lot better for your engine. The exceptions are, as he pointed out, older cars that were not properly maintained in the first place. We switched to Mobil One oil for a Caddy with an aluminum engine and it was a very good thing indeed. The car was stolen a few years later and is still probably running like a top.

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I do know that on a VW Passat 1. This question is in the General Section. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. To join, you must be at least 13 years old and agree to the terms and conditions. General Question. Will changing motor oil brands, have an ill effect on my cars engine? Add Topic 42 questions 2 people. Add Topic 12 questions 0 people. Add Topic 2 questions 0 people.

Add Topic 1 question 0 people. Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0. Login or Join to answer. We had trouble talking to the server. Please try again. Your answer will be saved while you login or join. Live Preview.If you want to cut to the chase the Edge Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil by Castrol scored above the rest in every category and is our top pick for a high quality motor oil for your vehicle.

Motor Oil Reviews These top rated motor oils are very popular with car owners everywhere thanks to their performance. There are several different kinds of oils, both energy conserving and synthetic blends, and knowing which the right one is can feel like a challenge you may not want to take on. After reading these reviews and the guide you will be much more confident about your knowledge of the motor oil your vehicle uses and why.

All of them have different needs, pressures and temperatures. Good oil takes care of ALL of the needs without you having to even think about it. It provides car users up to 15, miles between oil changes.

This high quality oil meets all GM dexos1 performance requirements as well as:.

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You can be confident that this oil has the power it needs to maintain the thickness and density it requires under the force your engine puts on it. This synthetic oil weight is 5W and works for all cars that can handle synthetic motor oil and that call for that particular weight. Car owners will experience better wear protection, increases in fuel efficiency, improved compatibility with any fuels that contain ethanol, superior corrosion protection and much more when they chose Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil.

Royal Purple Motor Oil is safe to use regardless of the age of your vehicle. The company recommends having two short runs with the oil, one at 3, miles and one at 5, miles before extending the duration between oil changes. The benefit to doing this is that it allows Royal Purple Oil to remove any existing deposits slowly, a little at a time. Getting rid of these deposits is good for the engine because it reduces the chance of restricted engine oil flow.

Worst Oil To Put in Your Engine

In addition, you will notice that your engine will be a lot cleaner and the wear and tear on it will be reduced as well. You can use this oil on many heavy duty engines, both on and off highway. It is the perfect oil to use for diesel vehicles that are fitted with DPFs, diesel particulate filters. If your vehicle is a low emission, heavy duty engine, you will see even more effectiveness from using Rotella Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil. With a weight of 5w, your vehicle will have a thickness rating of 5 in cold temperatures which means it will start easier since the oil will flow easier.Note that the products discussed on our site are independently selected by obsessive editors.

At no extra cost to you, things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Last Updated on March 30, The hard part is deciding between so many great names and features. Many of these motor oils are available in multiple configurations. The brand has made great lengths in producing a formula that controls sludge, and cleans whilst protecting your engine against corrosion or rust.

Amazon Basics has been into making essentials for your life- and breaking into the automobile maintenance field just makes sense. They make their Conventional Oil in a variety of viscosity configurations. The consumer feedback is through the roof- probably in part because of the price.

As far as conventional oil goes, Amazon Basics seems to have their bases covered.

We'll Help You Find the Best Motor Oil for Your Vehicle

Keep in mind, part of the lower cost is because Amazon is manufacturing and selling- cutting their upfront investment cost as well. The sludge in your motor will dissolve in this formula with ease. The price of this conventional oil is pretty average, but we are impressed with the customer feedback. MAGNATEC ensures oil stays wherever your engine needs it, doing a better job preventing oil from draining to central locations where it would need to recirculate upon startup.

Is all that a marketing gimmick? Formula Shell offers a versatile conventional motor oil that encourages better fuel economy. One of its best features is the price. Valvoline Premium Conventional, a trusted name in oil for over years, tops our list for the best engine oil with a conventional formula.

Valvoline has done a great job of preparing a recipe here that exceeds the acceptable standards in all markets, both with turbocharged and non-turbo engines.

Synthetic Motor Oil Comparison - Which Engine Oil is Best?

This is an impressive feat for them to achieve and one their customers benefit from greatly. Stop-and-go driving in your daily commute can actually cause a lot of damage.

Quaker State designed this conventional motor oil with this in mind. Tried and true is an understatement for Quaker State. Their 5W motor oil has been sold to vehicle owners for over years. With a wide range of operating temperatures and impressive track record, this is a great choice for owners who depend upon their vehicle to perform in a wide array of environments and demands. While Castrol makes a great oil, there are many competing brands who also make excellent products.

More important than finding the best car oil brand is finding the best oil for your car. Within that span of time, we assume hundreds of people were a part of the process, and every one of them was extremely well-qualified to do so.I just got my oil changed at my friendly corner mechanic.

It was marked SAE. He told me that as far as he was concerned with Pennzoil or other brand names, all you are paying for is the name. Any opinions out there? Beyond those 's the important thing meeting spec required by your vehicle. The real difference between oil is the additives used to keep its various properties. Some years back, Consumer Reports did an article on motor oils and had a laboratory analyze the oils.

The same brand with the same weight and specifications tested differently depending on the part of the nation where the oil was purchased. I would bet that a refinery in a particular part of the country may supply oil for several brands and the oil is really the same.

This would save on shipping costs. Once I purchased Citgo oil and with the rebate, the price per quart was zero. Those are likely to match the specs in your manual. This product was essentially used motor oil that had been filtered and repackaged. It was pretty thin stuff and somewhat dark in color right out of the can.

Triedaq July 5,pm 3. Tester July 5,pm 6. It was pretty nasty looking stuff. People do develope strong loyalties to oil type,filter types,gas brands, etc. Why fight peoples loyalties?The number will not be used for any other purpose. Carrier charges may apply for receiving text messages. You acknowledge and understand that providing your consent to receiving such message is not a condition to obtain products or services from BSRO. You don't need a new car, you need to unleash the one you got.

Together, these brands have more than years of experience in the oil industry. Now that's what we like to call experience you can trust! We know that choosing the right oil brand for your vehicle's needs isn't an easy decision. With so many oil types, viscosity grades, and price points to pick from, the options are overwhelming! Learn more about the oil brands we carry below and call or visit your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care with any questions.

For your convenience, our technicians are available in the evening and on weekends too. We're here to make the choice easy, just as easy as it is to schedule your oil change appointment online!

The result is a crystal clear base oil that has fewer impurities than base oils made from crude oil which is how many other traditional synthetic motor oils begin their life.

As a brand that's been in the market for more than 80 years, their motor oils have been tried, tested, and proven many times. Visit your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care location for the best motor oil brands on the market. We know that a car doesn't have to cost a lot to be worthy plenty, which is why we care about your vehicle and your engine oil just as much as you do.

Get the best oil brands at Firestone Complete Auto Care! Schedule your oil change appointment online and print oil change coupons to save on your service.

How do you stop an oil leak? Head to Firestone Complete Auto Care for the best repair experience. Schedule your quick repair appointment online today! Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for the best diesel oil change around. Schedule your oil change service online today. Schedule yours today! Car squeaking? Learn more about full-service oil changes and chassis lubrication from Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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bad motor oil brands

Save money on your next oil change service at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Print oil change coupons and schedule an oil change appointment online today! Find out what type of parts and products Firestone Complete Auto Care uses when performing your oil change service. Schedule your oil change appointment!You would think that, much like cooking oil, motor oil would be a relatively simple thing — not so.

We aren't going to inundate you with technical geekery, nor will we give you a chemistry lesson on the functions of friction modifiers. Thankfully, our friends over at Popular Mechanics and Car and Driver already have that covered.

Once you've narrowed down what viscosity your car requires that fun 5W30, 15W40, etc. Each of these top-tier brands spent a great deal of time and resources testing their motor oils, and experimenting with different additives in order to ensure that their oil protects your engine for as long as possible. We have heard numerous stories over the years from incredibly brand-loyal motorists who swear by their choice, often touting the hundreds of thousands of miles they've covered without suffering from engine failure.

So, we have to ask — what's in the secret sauce? Find out below! Mobil 1's focus has long been on performance, and they pride themselves on their motorsports partnerships. Being the official motor oil of Nascar as well as the official lubricant partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, their oils have been pushed to the limits time and time again, and being able to study the impact of those stresses on their product is no doubt an important asset.

Over the course of our research we also discovered that they are also one of the best oils when it comes to maintaining a low viscosity in cold temperatures. What we've found most interesting is their recent focus on adapting oils to work better with turbocharged engineswhich are becoming vastly more common in new cars of late. Oil consumption is a major issue in turbo cars, and by the looks of it, Mobil 1 is paying close attention.

bad motor oil brands

Our top pick: Mobil 1 full-synthetic engine oil because it's available in numerous formulas for both newer and older vehicles. John Ellis, Valvoline's founder, is actually credited as being the inventor of motor oil, so to say the brand has some history would be a bit of an understatement.

Starting with steam engines, and then supplying motor oil for the Model T, was just the beginning. Now Valvoline splits its focus between extensive development of oils designed for high-mileage engines, as well as an ongoing support of motorsport. On the high-mileage front, Valvoline is one of the few automakers offering an interesting engine guarantee.

If your engine hasmiles or less on it, you can register your vehicle for a program, which, based on a set of entry requirements, will mean Valvoline will provide your engine with a bit of a warranty as long as you follow their oil-service guidelines. Amazon delivers electronics, home goods, work supplies, groceries, and clothing straight to your door. So, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that the retail giant sells its very own own motor oil, too.

You may already be familiar with the AmazonBasics brand from buying generic versions of electronics accessories, like cables or AA batteries. Now, the brand covers plenty of odds and ends including anything from a microwave, to a bed frame, bath towels, and now motor oil.