Allison 4000 turbine speed sensor location

We recommend Torque Pro. T As the output shaft and internal gear rotate, the toothed rotor of the internal gear produces AC voltage as the rotor teeth pass through the magnetic field of the sensor of a digital signal if it is a Hall-Effect sensor. The AC voltage level or digital increases as the turbine shaft speed increases. The TCM determines actual turbine speed using these signals and uses the input speed to calculate torque converter slip speed, and gear ratios. Speed sensors measure the speeds of the input and output shafts or sometimes of other shaft speeds in the automatic transmission or transaxle.

The output shaft speed sensor is often used to provide vehicle speed information to the control module and for adaptive learning. These are most often found when looking for DTCs under chassis or body systems.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think you need to start with a circuit check between the PCM and the sensor. Hello I have a jeep Cherokee sport 4. I have a P code and can not get it to reset. I have replaced all three sensors on the transmission. I have checked the connectors and have voltage on the input and output sensor. My speedometer is working and the vehicle will shift good.

I do have a issue with the engine missing going down the road. I can reset the code and it has stayed off up to 15 miles before it comes back on. The easiest way to run a circuit check is to check for resistance from the PCM connector through the sensor and back. Disconnect the PCM and test for resistance across the terminals for the turbine shaft speed sensor. Still, I would double-check the connectors and the circuit between the PCM and the sensor before condemning the sensor.

Did you ever find a solution to this, we also have a Jeep that is doing the same thing. I have a. Any suggestions?

Allison trans issues

U think the part is a faulty part? I have a jeep Cherokee sport that will start and run for a min, but then will die for no reason. It throws a p and a p code. Ive changed the fuel pump, coil, ecm, distributer, map sensor, and am tired of spending unneeded cash on trying to fix. I have a Lincoln MKX that has little wrench light that will come on in the dash and the car jerk a somewhat. I can put transmission fluid in it.

The light goes away and is fine for a while. Have had it checked by a Ford dealershio, a transmission guy and another service department twice. Hiw difficult and costly is this repair? Estamos muy feliz que te encuentras esa informacion tan util. I have a montero sport as well and it is throwing the p code as well is this a hard fix? Skip to content. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of.We make every effort to keep our service information current and accurate.

Because of the time lag involved with writing and printing processes, the transmission TCM may report a code that has not yet been added to this document. If you encounter a code that is not yet in this publication, please call Allison Transmission. Go to the Table of Contents. Allison Transmission, Inc. Box Indianapolis, Indiana www.

Description of the electronic control system components. Description of diagnostic codes, system responses to faults, and troubleshooting.

Wire, terminal, and connector repair information. Specific instructions for using many of the available or required service tools and equipment are not included in this manual. The service tool manufacturer will furnish instructions for using the tools or equipment.

Additional information may be published from time to time in Service Information Letters SIL and will be included in future revisions of this and other manuals. This publication is revised periodically to include improvements, new models, special tools, and procedures. A revision is indicated by a new date on the title page and in the lower left corner of the rear cover. Check with your Allison Transmission service outlet for the currently applicable publication.

Additional copies of this publication may be purchased from authorized Allison Transmission service outlets. Look in your telephone directory under the heading of Transmissions Truck, Tractor, etc.

allison 4000 turbine speed sensor location

Take time to review the Table of Contents and the manual. Reviewing the Table of Contents will aid you in quickly locating information.

Allison Transmission is providing for service of wiring harnesses and wiring harness components as follows: Repair parts for the internal wiring harness and for wiring harness components attached to the. Allison Transmission AT is responsible for warranty on these parts. Repair parts for the external harnesses and external harness components must be obtained from St.

Clair Technologies Inc. SCTI will have parts catalogs available. Clair Technologies, Inc. These warnings and cautions advise against using specific service procedures that can result in personal injury, equipment damage, or cause the equipment to become unsafe. These warnings and cautions are not exhaustive.

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Allison Transmission could not possibly know, evaluate, or advise the service trade of all conceivable procedures by which service might be performed or of the possible hazardous consequences of each procedure.

Consequently, Allison Transmission has not undertaken any such broad evaluation. Proper service and repair is important to the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. The service procedures recommended by Allison Transmission and described in this manual are effective methods for performing troubleshooting operations. Some procedures require using specially designed tools.The transmission speed sensors are used to calculate the actual gear ratio of the transmission while in use.

The first is known as the input shaft speed ISS sensor. The other sensor is the output shaft speed OSS sensor. If either of these two sensors falls out of alignment or experiences electrical issues, it impacts the operation of the entire transmission.

After registering data, the two transmission speed sensors, also commonly referred to as a vehicle speed sensors VSSsend data to the powertrain control module PCMwhich compares these two inputs and calculates which gear the transmission should engage for efficient driving. The actual gear ratio is then compared to the desired gear ratio. Should either or both of these speed sensors failyou may notice one or more of the following 3 issues:.

Without a valid speed signal from these sensors, the PCM will not be able to correctly control the shifting of gears within the transmission.

This may cause the transmission to shift roughly or more quickly than normal. It's also common that a problem with these sensors can impact the shift timing, extending the interval between transmission shifts. An automatic transmission is hydraulically controlled and designed to shift smoothly.

When the transmission shifts hard, it can damage internal components including valve bodies, hydraulic lines, and in some cases mechanical gears. If you notice your transmission is shifting harshly or roughlyyou should contact a local ASE certified mechanic as soon as possible.

Since the transmission speed sensors monitor the input and output shaft speed, it also plays a part in monitoring the cruise control. As a safety precaution, the ECU will shut down the cruise control and render it inactive.

If you notice that your cruise control does not engage when you press the button, contact a mechanic so they can inspect the vehicle and determine why the cruise control is not working.

It may be due to faulty transmission speed sensors. It also can indicate an increase in tailpipe emissions surpassing acceptable limits for environmental contaminants from motor vehicles. In any case, if you notice that the Check Engine Light comes onyou should contact a local mechanic to scan the error codes and determine why the Check Engine Light is illuminated. Once the problem has been fixed, the mechanic will reset the error codes.

If the problem rests with the speed sensors, depending on your particular transmission, the professional ASE certified mechanics may be able to replace the sensor. Some speed sensors are internal to the transmission and will require the transmission to be removed from the vehicle before the sensors can be replaced.

The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Vehicle Drivetrain Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Vehicle Drivetrain Inspection.All Rights Reserved.

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The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Commercial Vehicles. Where is the turbine speed sensor located in a Allison mdp?

P0715 – Turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor -circuit malfunction

Wiki User The turbine shaft speed TSS sensor is located inside the automatic transmission. Asked in Ford F Where is the speed sensor located on a 5hp19? This engine has no turbine or turbo. Although the Ford Ranger does not have a turbine or turbo, it does have a turbine shaft speed TSS sensor. It is located inside the automatic transmission.

Asked in Car Computers and Sensors Where is the turbine speed sensor located on a Lincoln continental? The turbine speed sensor is located on the back of the fan hub facing the engine, and your Lincoln Continental. The speed sensor can be identified by the four electrical wires leading into it.

Where is the speed sensor located on a Oldsmobile Aurora. The exact mounting location of the turbine speed sensor will differ between brands of vehicles. The sensor will be mounted either on or just below the turbo, and will be a screw in unit with two wires.

Asked in Infiniti G35 Where is the turbine input speed sensor on a 03 infinti G35? There is no turbine on a Honda Accord.We recommend Torque Pro. In the modern automatic transmission, most functions have ceased to be driven purely hydraulically.

At its core, it still uses hydraulic pressure to engage and disengage gear positions, but electronic sensors and actuators have taken over much of the everyday operation of the system. The transmission control module TCM may or may not be separate from the engine control module ECMand is responsible for the operation of the automatic transmission, including torque converter operation, pressure regulation, gear positions, and self-monitoring.

Some of the principal sensors that the TCM uses to control and monitor automatic transmission operation are the input and output speed sensors, as well as the engine speed sensor RPMfrom the ECM.

Aside from using these sensors to control clutch and brake pressure, engagement, and timing, it can use this information to determine the condition of the brakes and clutches and confirm the operation of the transmission. If there are differences, usually lower speed than expected, the TCM would flag this as a fault in the transmission. The TCM also monitors the turbine speed sensor itself for problems, which it would expect to find in a certain range and change speeds at a certain rate. Depending on year, make, and model, DTC P may have number of causes.

Here are some of the most common. Aside from the CEL, and depending on specific TCM programming, a failure in the TSS circuit may be accompanied by harsh shifting, locking out certain gears, poor performance, or poor fuel economy.

You may notice no drivability problems at all, but this is not common. Most TSS are mounted on the transmission housing, which makes the easily accessible, but also makes their connectors easily damaged, either physically or by water intrusion. Also, it does one good to note that most TSS are of the three-wire type, including 5 V reference, ground, and signal wires. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed.

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P simply refers to a transmission control module problem, so you can ignore that one. P refers to the transmission input speed sensor. This is located right on top of the transmission and should be easily accessible. Check that the connector is properly seated and there is no obvious damage to the harness.

If the harness is good, you can check for resistance across the sensor terminals. If you have an open circuit, just replace the sensor. We should have a troubleshooting article up soon. Hi I have a saab 93 aero 2. I would say you might have a problem with the transmission input speed sensor or its circuit. Water is a pain when it gets into electrical systems, and speed sensor signals are easy to foul up.

I would start with finding the speed sensor connector and using a hair dryer to dry it out thoroughly. Thank you for your reply the quest continues il just persevere with it and hope for the best maybe lady luck with shine a light haha, all the best. Thank you for reply.

P0717 – Turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor -no signal

HI, my hyundai sonata has a speed sensor needed to be replaced. My question is that how long can I still drive it before I get it fixed within 2 weeks.

My car gear slips while reach speed Further check found P no signal Just replaced sensor cost dh No work ing perfect.The Investor Relations website contains information about Allison Transmission's business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

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Go to page. Instead of using a shift point table Go to page. Allison Approved Fluids. They travel bad roads, back roads and to places that have no roads. Allison Transmission is an equal opportunity employer.

Allison Authorized services encompass all of the care you need to keep your Allison transmission running smoothly. With nearly 1, Authorized Distributors and Dealers worldwide, Allison is committed to providing you with the best resources to care for your Allison transmission.

Allison Genuine Parts are manufactured and tested to Allison Transmission factory specifications. As these specifications are not available outside of Allison, non-genuine parts are reverse-engineered and based upon specification guesses. The result is that Allison Genuine Parts live longer and provide users with greater vehicle utilization. Careers At Allison Transmission. The Power of Allison Transmission is born in the entrepreneurial spirit of our people who, using advanced technology create reliable, best in class products that make a difference across the globe.

allison 4000 turbine speed sensor location

Highway series. Allison Highway Series automatic transmissions get the most out of higher horsepower engines, while putting more control to the wheels. The result is smooth shifts at any speed and faster route times throughout the day. Typical vehicles that use a Highway Series transmission: Go to page. All other models within this document are targeted for outside North American markets only.

Allison Transmission is dedicated to providing our customers and technicians with the latest technical information and resources. All Allison Authorized facilities have the right tools, training and parts. Given their extensive experience and knowledge, they are always your first choice to properly service your Allison Allison Transmission will present its complete range of propulsion solutions at Busworld Europe and puts latest advances in fuel-saving technology into the limelight.

Sliedrecht, Netherlands, September 4, — Allison Transmission, a leader in propulsion solutions, will display its full range of systems for midi buses, city buses and coaches at Busworld October 18 - B December, Page4of10 Table3. ContaminantLimits Contaminant Limit Water 0. Latest version of fuel-saving technology offers a combination of upgraded features to further optimize fuel savings.

Available in three packages, FuelSense 2. Internships at Allison Transmission. Click on the appropriate description below so that we can provide you the information you need.

Once you select who you are, we'll place a cookie on your browser so that you when you return, you'll only see the information relevant to you. Employee Portal. Use this portal to view your current and past paychecks, download pay stubs, view and manage your time worked and update your personal information, including your address, phone number and much more. Regular fluid and filter maintenance is the simplest thing you can do ensure the performance and durability of your Allison fully automatic transmission.

Motorhome Series. Allison Automatics deliver the power, control and traction to help you handle any situation. Typical vehicles that use a Motorhome Series transmission: Go to page. Search Results. Allison presents complete range of propulsion solutions at Not what you're looking for?The computer wants to know if the transmission is working properly.

So it reads the speed of the input shaft and compares it to the speed of the output shaft.

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So, it analyses the input speed, the gear selection, and the output speed to determine if the the transmission is working the way the computer intended. It can then try to boost the fluid pressure to compensate. But first it needs the input from the input turbine speed sensor. Unlike the cheaper Haynes and Chilton manuals that cover multiple year models, leaving the exact information you need to fix your car, these professional manuals cover your exact year, make, model.

allison 4000 turbine speed sensor location

Plus, they contain full trouble code descriptions and troubleshooting instructions. Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations.

However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Find this article useful? Share it! Categories Generic non-manufacturer-specific P code definitions. Prominent words circuit no signal input turbine input turbine speed input turbine speed sensor input turbine speed sensor circuit output shaft p input p input turbine p input turbine speed p input turbine speed sensor sensor circuit sensor circuit no signal speed sensor speed sensor circuit speed sensor circuit no signal transmission is working trouble code turbine speed turbine speed sensor turbine speed sensor circuit.